"We don’t need to justify ourselves to anyone. We don’t need a reason to be queer. Maybe we were born this way, maybe we weren’t. Maybe sexuality is fluid for some people and not for others. It’s totally irrelevant either way. The message we need to send to heterosexists is not that our sexuality was foisted upon us and that they should be “tolerant” and “understanding”. The message is: our sexuality is perfectly valid and none of your business, we offer you no excuses, and we are never going away."

Social Justice League: Fauxgress Watch: “Born This Way”. (via feminismduh)

This.  Same goes for gender identity.

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Not to mention that this attitude reinforces a distinction that values “natural,” unmodified and implicitly unchosen identities and bodies over “unnatural,” technologically modified or dependent bodies and identities. Which is not only bullshit (we’re all cyborgs) but also ableist as fuck (and you could also make an argument for transphobic but I’ll leave that one to others). It also entirely removes a sense of agency or choice from the question of identity, which is also bullshit. I did not choose my sexual orientation, but I do absolutely choose, enact and present my identity as a queer woman. So there.

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Important Story for UK Trans People (and LGB allies)


Some people who keep up with current trans issues may know that an unknown trans man from the UK recently gave birth to a child biologically. It was reported in the Sunday Times newspaper after a journalist got hold of some information from the Beaumont Society.

If the man in question hasn’t stepped forward by now, then he probably doesn’t even want to be identified or talked to about this issue. However, this hasn’t stopped the press, and this anonymous man is now currently being subjected to a horrific, privacy-invading witch hunt by the UK tabloids.

The tabloids have reportedly been hounding trans organizations and high-profile trans people for information on the man’s identity and whereabouts.

The press claim that it is “in the public interest” that this man be identified to the wider public. However, it stands to reason that all they are probably looking for is a sensational story. This is evident by the fact that they obviously have no regard at all for this man’s right to privacy and anonymity.

The interim editor of the tabloid newspaper the Sun has also made some utterly deplorable comments, implying that the trans man should be exposed to the public because of “issues” with NHS funding of our treatment, the “welfare” of the child, and the fact that he could “turn out to be a serial killer”. No, REALLY. That’s the excuse they’re using for trying to force out a vulnerable person into the public eye and potentially putting them at serious risk of discrimination and violence.

What it amounts to is blatant prejudice, and the view that trans people are public property that have no right to their own privacy.

The Sun is acting disgustingly and hypocritically. Just last week, Helen Belcher of Trans Media Watch was invited to speak at the Leveson Inquiry into Press Standards, about the appalling way the press have treated transgender people. The Sun’s Managing Director spoke out in defense of the press, saying that they would endeavour to “mend their ways” when it comes to media coverage of transgender affairs. However, this seems now to be empty words and that the Sun has no intention of treating us any better than they did before.

Offering a cash reward to the public for the outing of a trans person is absolutely revolting, inexcusable and unacceptable.

If anyone living in the UK knows this man and is approached by a member of the media, or really ANYONE inquiring about the story (seeing as the tabloid media are known for using underhand tactics like hacking, stalking and undercover investigation) I urge you: TELL THEM NOTHING. Don’t say a word. You will be protecting a vulnerable person from potentially serious harm.

If you want more information, please read this article, from Pink News, as it has exclusive comments from the Sun editor and information about the ongoing Leveson Inquiry into Press Standards. If you are from the UK, I also please urge you to contact the Leveson Inquiry and also the Press Complaints Commission about this. Their contact information can be found on both websites.

Thanks for reading and spread the word. This horrible violation of privacy must not stand.

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I’m noticing an ongoing trend of complete lack of support for trans women everywhere…



Like, even from people that are fucking awesome about everything else.

It never seems to cross peoples minds to be inclusive towards trans women.

It never seems to cross peoples minds to acknowledge trans women.

It never seems to cross peoples minds that without inclusive and acknowledging statements, trans women need to assume that we aren’t wanted.

We NEED to do this because we are tired as fuck of assuming that we are being included.

We are tired of coming into women’s groups and being victimized and abused.

We are tired of going to rape crisis centers and being turned away because our existence is triggering.

We are tired of wanting a safe space and then being told WE are the rapists, the deceivers, the monsters, and the child molesters.

We are tired of being the punchline and the joke. The fetish object and “best of both worlds” so long as we’re gone by morning.

Never mind the fact that many of us are victims of rape.

That many of us have dealt with child abuse.

That many of us have been physically assaulted.

That all of us live and deal with the constant deceptive nature of cis people.

We NEED to assume we aren’t wanted. Because the whole wide world is telling us we’re trash and we can’t be arsed to assume that you actually meant to include us when you said fucking nothing.

We don’t have the fucking luxury to assume that we are being included.

So yeah…

Make it damn clear that you want us around.

Make it clear that you won’t put up with transmisogyny.

Make it clear that you view us as women. That you view us as fucking people.

I’d like to see some fucking solidarity, but I wonder if this will even be reblogged?

And if it is reblogged I wonder how many people that aren’t trans women will do so?

I’m honestly not betting much, so I guess we’ll see.

Simple concept that somehow eludes more people than it should — which is to say anyone:  transgender women are women, transgender men are men. 

There’s several in my life, some of whom are reading these very words.  In case I haven’t made it clear enough in word and deed elsewhere, here it is again:  I’m glad each of you is here.

People with a problem with any of that need to step off now before they make utter fools of themselves in a forum that never forgets.

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"White queers, including white trans people, are at the LOWEST risk for pretty much every bad thing that happens to queer people as a group.75% of queer violence is against PoC. Most of the homeless? PoC. Do you think that no PoC ever commit suicide for having problems with being gay? Of course they do. But you only see the two white boy suicides on the news."

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Truth! Fuck the ‘it gets better’ campaign!

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Filing this under “things that may hurt for me to say but needs to be said.” it hit me when I was at a transgender day of remembrance event and hearing all the names of women in countries of color being read. (Brazil and Latino America in particular.) Queer people of color have the duel battle within their families and communities and then add that to having to be seen as valid as a poc. Shit is rough. Queer folks are devalued twice as hard. When you already don’t see someone has a human being and then dehumanized even more. It’s a lot easier to perpetuate acts of violence when there’s more than one reason to see them as invalid. It Gets Better fails to address the needs of anyone who isn’t young, white, and a cis male.

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: On Privilege and Erasure in Queer Studies


Hi Tumblr!

I’m currently working on my senior thesis, a critique of queer theory and queer studies that focuses on the ways in which these disciplines presume a singular queer person/experience, which ultimately centers white gay men and subsequently erases people of color, trans* men and trans* women, non-binary folks, and more.

Although this wasn’t my original thesis topic, I decided to do this after spending months getting frustrated by the privileging of certain types of learning and writings, and the pressure to think and speak in ways that are ‘traditionally academic.’  Furthermore, I was, and still am, extremely tired of and frustrated by the limited representations of queerness that exist in academia, both relating to who queer people are and what issues queer people confront and experience.

Queer studies has come to be dominated by the voices of a small, elite group within specific queer communities, and I think it would be counter-productive of me to write a thesis on this topic that was only grounded in my own, individual perspective.  Therefore, I want to open this up to as many [queer] people as possible!

Here’s how you can help:

  • Submit a photograph of yourself on my thesis blog; I want to have as many pictures as possible, to offer a visual challenge to the limited representations of queerness that exist in academia.
  • Share your thoughts on queer studies, queer theory, the relationship between queerness and academia, or any other topic you feel is relevant!
  • Share and reblog this post!

If you want your submission to be anonymous, just let me know and I will not include your URL address in the post.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, ideas, etc. please let me know!  Thank you so much for your help!!!

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I haven’t seen a single trans person deny that anti-abortion laws are often rooted in misogyny. I really haven’t. We’re genuinely not asking you to ignore this. However, when you’re talking about these things, when you say things like ‘this harms women’ or ‘this is bad for women’ or post anything…

This is such an important discussion that needs to happen more often and be more openly discussed in the prochoice movement. This piece is excellent. A must read. Thank you, Cynde.

A very good post.

I have been really fed up with the so called progressive circles I’ve been hopping through lately and their rampant cissexism. It doesn’t just hurt my feelings, folks, cementing this idea of genitalia=gender and ignoring the existence and realities of trans folk really fucks us over.

Like OP said, no one is arguing that misogyny is enemy number one, we’re not trying to steer these issues away from that. All we’re asking is that you don’t needlessly trample on us and leave us under the bus while we’re all fighting. Some inclusive language and acknowledging trans people exist goes a long way, and it really isn’t THAT hard. You know, if you give any kind of shit about us.

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If you as a trans* person are upset by certain portrayals of fictional characters as trans*

that’s perfectly okay and perfectly understandable

But you seriously don’t get to tell other trans* folks how to be trans*, you don’t get to tell them what they have to be upset by because although there are some shared experiences, we’re all different folks livin’ different lives with different emotional and mental constitutions

And if you’re a cis person who thinks you’re right in defending trans* people by going on about what a fucking TRAGEDY our lives are 24/7/365, just stop right there and keep stopping and never not stop ever again

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I try not to get too into ‘serious issues’ on here much because I’m sorry but I just don’t have the energy (physically; mentally; emotionally; whatever else) for that, really ever, and also this is mostly my private/fandom blog which I use largely for distraction from my own problems, thus I don’t want to be exacerbating some of those by trying to address all the crap in the world.

But this whole thing about legalising same-sex marriages just keeps bugging the hell out of me. If you want to marry someone and everyone’s fully consenting, I think you should be allowed to do so. That’s not what’s bugging me.

What’s bugging me is when this gets referred to as only being about “gay marriage” and more so when people say this is about GLBT (and maybe more letters but those are the basics) rights, but then people entirely ignore the T part, despite the fact that there are heterosexual couples even who can’t marry because legally they are seen as the same sex/gender. OK, if you don’t give a shit about the trans* folk, all right. I don’t like that but I accept that some people don’t care or don’t like trans* people, or there are people who just cannot possibly accept that transgender people are for real or that non-binaries exist, or whatever. But when you’re specifically referring to “GLBT” people and then you just totally ignore/erase the T part of that by every time referring only to same-sex marriages as “gay” marriages… yeah… that’s not right. Just don’t even bring up the T part of it if you’re not going to even acknowledge those people and the fact that this is an issue that can and does affect trans* people as well as gay people.

this about ‘gay’ marriage and also ‘gay rights’ in general

like stop sticking the t on there if you’re not gonna mention it ever again


Hey LGBT Activists,


You do know that it’s possible to fight for LGBT rights without appropriating the Civil Rights movement, right? And that the Civil Rights movement is not yours to appropriate? And that dismantling homophobia can be done without perpetuating racism? And that—huge shocker here, I know—some people are both black and queer?

Just checking. Because it really doesn’t seem like y’all are aware of this. So consider this a friendly reminder.

P.S. Gay is not the new black. Stop saying that shit.

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Free T for USA trans guys




If you are an American trans guy who can’t get T because of lack money or your insurance doesn’t cover it, you may be able to get it for free directly from the pharmaceutical company that makes it.

One example is ‘Abbot’ who produce Androgel. They have a website (linked below) that is specifically for people who can’t afford their prescriptions. Their requirements for getting free medication are as follows:

Eligible patients typically have no healthcare coverage for the requested product and do not have access to alternative sources of coverage or funding.

To get Androgel you have to have a prescription as it is a controlled substance. Therefore there is the cost of getting one, unless you go to a free clinic.

Follow the link and click on ‘Androgel Enrolment Form’. Fill it out IN FULL and include everything it asks or you will be refused.It might be time consuming but it will result in you getting free T that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Also, this is only for those who cannot afford T. If you have enough money to pay for it yourself you will be refused.


Obviously this is for gel but there may be other companies who produce injectable/patch/pill/implant T and run similar schemes.

reblogging in case any of my followers could use the info. spread this around, yeah?

reblogging for my USians who might need help.

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