Man, the tag limit is the bane of my existence, why doesn’t Tumblr understand my need to write my long-winded thoughts in the tags so that the general public isn’t subject to my pointless rambles yet they’re still available for those who are truly curious and seek them. It was so much better when I could write until there was a natural break instead of writing until there was a natural break only to have it be cut off and have to write the rest awkwardly in the next tag.

Tags: Why don't you understand my issues with the belief that I have anything valuable to say And with my ability to communicate them well Coupled with my issue of having novels of thoughts in my head that I need to get out As opposed to ranting to myself with hours and accomplishing absolutely nothing with it The tags are my little step towards doing something with my thoughts And thus starting to feel like they have more value while I get better at communicating them which will hopefully lead to me believing I have value as a living being all of which should help me open up and bond with people So why would you make this more difficult for me Admittingly the tags are not playing THAT huge of a role in me trying to tackle my issues but my life is so pathetic right now they play a larger role than you would think Wow did I really just type all that Sighs This became a lot more serious than I set out for it to be And really personal But luckily these are the tags so it's unlikely most people will notice Sorry my guilt over being a terrible person has been really high lately so I'm kind of hyper-focused on all my issues I guess I'm hoping someone does read this in a feeble attempt to open up to random strangers and give you all some idea of who I am Here's a really pathetic secret I've been meaning to write more personal stuff and my thoughts to really establish myself as a person to reach out and do SOMETHING with them and hopefully establish a kind of acquaintanceship if not friendship with someone and have spent time writing this stuff out but bef... before I finish I'm overwhelmed with the sense that it's pointless and chicken out God it's hilarious I don't come off nearly this pathetic when people see me I stand tall I speak up when others don't I make eye contact ... and smile at everyone I come off as being intelligent well-spoken amicable and going places and that is me but all of this other stuff is... also me and it's suffocating and I don't know what to do about it I literally don't know how to ask for help and all this is so pathetic ... and inexcusable I have no idea how to start I just curl up in a ball of wasted opportunity and try to bury my guilt and unhappiness I focus so much on burying it that I just fuck more shit up which worsens my guilt my life situation and the burden of those few who are ... close to me What am I doing I know what's wrong a lot of the shit I'm messing up is so easy why can't I get my act together why am I so selfish and t... However much I don't want the people I love to have to deal with the consequences of my actions they're going to the only way to stop it ... is to stop being such a worthless waste of space